Kidloland: App Review..

Exactly two years & 2 months back, I began my journey of motherhood. I believe all new mothers or going to be mothers have their ifs and buts as a new mom and I had far more of them as someone who didn’t really have the time to actually sit and read through blogs and books and prepare herself to be a perfect mom since I was working full time till a day before I had my son. There were a few things though that I was clear about one of which was no screen time (TV or Mobile). However as time progressed I learnt man proposed god disposes or rather mom proposes baby disposes. My son started to pick up my phone scroll, call people, open apps and at times I admit when I am extremely tired after a day at work or just not well I prefer to let him have the phone and keep quiet for a while. With this began my search for decent apps and that brought me to Kidloland. I have been using the app much before someone approached me to write a review.



Since this is for mums I think I would prefer mentioning some very relatable things.

1) My kid is one hyperactive boy I would say and thus having him sit down at one place for more than 5 minutes is a rarity. But thanks to Kidloland we do get to see those moments when he actually sits down and plays.

1) I think most kids tend to get bored very easily and very quickly which is one of the reasons they say that you should remove some toys from the collection and then give them to the kid after some gap so they are able to retain the interest for atleast some time. The same used to happen with the apps in my phone. He didn’t want to see the same poems, or same videos and thus most of the apps I had downloaded began to get deleted but I guess this is the good part about Kidloland, it’s the only one left on my phone now and it has a whole lot of stuff which includes games, poems, Shapes and a lot more to offer.

2) The poems which are probably the part I have explored the most with my kid allow your child to be involved with the animations and sounds in them, the children can touch different things on the screen and get different sounds or animations. For younger kids, the actions and sounds are thoroughly intriguing.


3) The app doesn’t have any ads. I have faced many situations where in my kid ends up clicking on some or the other ad and some different window opens up and even at times an app download happens.

4) The colors they are bright and beautiful and thus intriguing to kids.

5) Easy to use even for kids, though the kid still can’t access settings as they are only accessible on answering math’s questions and the questions differ each time. (Pss.. My Kid has seen me unlock my phone and so knows how to unlock it thanks to having to enter the same password so this is a good thing if your kid is smart).

Note: To download the app you can try the following links based on suitability


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